Maargadarshan is an organization that helps individuals make informed decisions about their career paths. The work of Maargadarshan can vary depending on the specific needs of their clients, but some common services that we provide includes:

  • Career Assessment: Maargadarshan administer assessments to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, and values. These assessments can help individuals gain insight into potential career paths that would be a good fit for their unique skills and preferences.
  • Career Exploration: Maargadarshan  provide resources for individuals to explore different career options. This could include information on job duties, salary ranges, and education requirements for various professions.
  • Resume building and job search assistance: Maargadarshan provide support in building resumes and cover letters, as well as tips for job searching and interviewing.
  • Education and training: Maargadarshan offer information on educational and training opportunities that could help individuals advance in their careers. This could include information on college programs, vocational training, and certification programs.

Overall, the work of Maargadarshan is to help individuals make informed decisions about their careers by providing resources, support, and guidance.